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January 18, 2022

Savoring Green Mountain Nature on the Ski Trail

The many meandering Nordic trails at the Mountain Top Inn & Resort offer some of the finest cross-country skiing in the Killington, VT region—indeed, in all of New England. We’re smack-dab in the Green Mountain National Forest, perched on the richly timbered slopes above the Chittenden Reservoir.

That makes for a heavenly setting for devotees of the quiet, unfurling trail—those who relish the magic of slicing along through snowy woods. Skiing here means tasting the Green Mountains to their fullest, savoring their deep groves and soaring winter-ruffled hawks.

A Trail Network For All Skills and Inclinations

No fewer than 24 different cross-country trails lace the rolling forests of the Mountain Top Inn & Resort, ranging widely in difficulty and length to accommodate all manner of skill levels. Beginner skiers—or those simply looking for a quick, easy ramble—might consider the kilometer-long Morning Glory Trail beside the lodge, or gently cruise the 2.5-kilometer Interfield for a slightly longer excursion.

Those looking for an adventurous challenge, meanwhile, can tackle the switchbacks of the Nose Dive, or the 20 beautiful kilometers of the Round Robin.

Wonderfully, our Nordic tracks also link up to the great Catamount Trail, a long-distance ski route spanning the length of Vermont north to south. In other words, you can ski as far as you like from our doorstep—what more could you ask for?

Our Stunning Forests

Whatever trails you’re skiing at the Mountain Top Inn and Resort, you’re experiencing firsthand the beauty of Green Mountain ecosystems. Our Killington-country highlands belong to a broad ecological zone sometimes called the “transition forest.” This realm—which stretches from the Great Lakes to New England—marks the diverse frontier between the boreal woods of the north and the mixed-deciduous communities southward.

Roaming our route network as well as the Catamount Trail, keep your eye peeled for such stately trees as sugar and red maples, paper and yellow birches, and American beech. These northern hardwoods are some of the defining species of Vermont, and mingle in the Green Mountains with conifers like white pines, eastern hemlocks, and—higher up the mountainsides—red spruce and balsam fir.

You might spot the tracks of snowshoe hare and red fox—even the giant hoofprints of moose. Meanwhile, listen keenly for the occasional croak of a Green Mountain raven, a sound truly evocative of Vermont’s spacious wilds.

Nature Appreciation at the Mountain Top

From the iced-over Chittenden Reservoir to ridgetops exceeding 2,000 feet, the Mountain Top Inn & Resort showcases a lovely slice of Green Mountain landscape that’s perfectly suited to the outdoor lover. Killington, VT skiing doesn’t get any better.

Our Nordic Ski & Snowshoe Center provides rental equipment and skiing lessons to cover all your recreational needs. You can warm up with a hot beverage after a few hours out on the trails, then retreat to the Mountain Top Tavern for a local wine or beer or settle in to a full-course dinner at the Highlands Dining Room.

Combining comfort and wilderness in one stunning package: That’s the special allure of the Mountain Top Inn & Resort.


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