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January 18, 2022

Lakes of Vermont

If your next trip to Vermont includes the Killington and Rutland area, and your idea of a vacation includes the concept of “wet and wild,” you’re in for a real treat.  The truth is that as popular as Vermont is for its winter getaways, there’s still plenty to do when it comes time for warmer weather.  In fact, depending on the location of the lake you pond you pick, there are more opportunities for fun than perhaps you ever gave Vermont for having.  What follows is a short list of a few things that Vermont has to offer those who like to be around–including in and on top of–water when it’s time for fun.

Lake Sherburne

It doesn’t take a long look at a map of the Killington/Rutland area before you discover a body of water that’s too big to miss.  That body is Lake Sherburne, one of the largest in the area.  Just northeast of the town of Killington, the lake was formed by the construction of the Site 1 Dam, a project begun with the purpose of creating a natural reservoir for the area.  Fortunately, just as is the case with many such features, recreational opportunities in the area abound, thanks to the water as well as the pristine surroundings that likewise were created for the purpose of those who enjoy an emerald necklace around their water sports.

Ottauquechee River

Located west of Killington is the 41.4 mile long Ottauquechee River, a tributary of the Connecticut River, which flows into the Long Island Sound.  Fortunately, for those who enjoy the green as well as the blue, the Ottauquechee River is surrounded by lush green forests that thrive off of the headwaters.  Besides providing a scenic addition to the towns–primarily Woodstock and Quechee–that line the river, the Ottauquechee provides plenty of things to see and do for those who love the water life.  These include fishing, rafting and other pasttimes.  Further, if you prefer a more scenic view of the water, there are numerous bridges that dot the length of the river and provide beautiful views, not to mention plenty of opportunities for beautiful pictures.

Colton and Kent Ponds

Many people might consider ponds to be a serious step down from the lakes and rivers that surround Killington, but for those who are serious about their fishing, ponds such as Colton and Kent, which are administered by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Service, will not be disappointed.  Not only will fishermen be in paradise, but those who enjoy the wonders of the natural world will be in heaven.  For example, birders are a staple in these areas of Vermont, with countless varieties of Mallard, Common Merganser, Common Loon and Spotted Sandpiper present.  There are even frequent sightings of Bald Eagles around the ponds.  And these are only a short list of what the Audubon Society has called one of the spectacular birding areas available anywhere.

Pico Pond

Fishermen, get your rods ready.  Not in the mood for a lot of travel, but you still want to enjoy fishing in the Rutland area?  Pico Pond is for you.  Located just 8.4 miles from Rutland, Pico Pond isn’t open to public fishing, but if you want to employ a guide service in the area, you are more than welcome to try your luck at catching the abundant perch that thrive in this little body of water.  Pico Pond is another of those little ponds that hold big surprises in store for those who have the patience to look for it, but that’s something fisherman are known for.

It doesn’t take long wherever you find yourself in the state of Vermont, to discover some body of water that can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates it.  Come.  Vermont becons.

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