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March 7, 2024

Exploring Vermont’s Mud Season: Embracing its Unique Charm

Vermont may be known for its winters, and beautiful hiking in the summer, but as the first signs of spring start to emerge, the state enters what locals affectionately refer to as “mud season.” This transitional period typically spanning from late March to late April, marks a time when melting snow and rainfall transform the landscape into a mud wonderland. While some may shy away from the challenges presented by mud season, adventurous spirits recognize it as an opportunity to experience Vermont in a truly unique way. From outdoor excursions to cultural experiences, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy during this offbeat time of year. 

Mud Season Hiking

While trails may be soggy and – you guessed it – muddy, mud season offers hikers a chance to experience Vermont’s wilderness in a different and unique light. With snow melting, hiking trails may become more accessible, and provide an opportunity to see nature as it starts to bud. Consider exploring low-elevation trails and pathways that are less prone to snow accumulation. Outdoor Centers are potentially putting away the skis and snowshoes, but always ask about conditions – you never know what higher altitudes may hold. Grip-ons or spikes may be a must-have for your seasonal hiking as you explore the Green Mountains. 

Maple Sugaring Tours

Mud season coincides with one of Vermont’s most cherished traditions: Maple Sugaring. Take advantage of this time to visit local sugarhouses, like Baird Farm, to learn about the process of transforming sap into delicious maple syrup! Many sugarhouses offer guided tours where visitors can see the intricate process firsthand, from tapping the trees to boiling the sap. 

Scenic Drives

While the rainy weather may be a downside to mud season, it can provide an ideal opportunity for scenic drives through the countryside. Cruise along winding backgrounds lined with budding trees and cascading waterfalls. Waking up a little early to experience the fog that goes away by mid-afternoon is great during this time frame and can provide great conditions for seeing wildlife and vibrant wildflower displays. Route 100 in Vermont is known for its scenic drive, with plenty of pit stops along the way. It’s the perfect way to spend a day or two while enjoying history, your surroundings, and everything in between. 

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Amidst the hustle and bustle of activities to enjoy, don’t forget to take time to slow down and relax! Unwind at a spa or wellness retreat, where you can indulge in therapeutic massages, yoga classes, and holistic treatments. Blush Vermont at Mountain Top Resort is the perfect location for rejuvenation, all while being inspired by the Green Mountains themselves in their rustic-luxe getaway location. 

No matter the season, Vermont is the perfect getaway. The heavy rain allows for a chance to view the state in a different light. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a full-week retreat, there is an activity for everyone – yes, even in the mud. 

By MTR Member, Jade Miller

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