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January 24, 2024

A Winter Wedding in Vermont and its Advantages

Something is enchanting about saying “I do” surrounded by a winter wonderland, and Vermont offers the perfect setting for couples seeking a unique and magical wedding experience. While summer weddings are more popular, a winter wedding (outdoors, even!) in Vermont brings advantages that make your day extra special. 

Snow Covered Scenery

One of the biggest advantages of a winter wedding is the breathtaking scenery. With panoramic views year-round, the pristine white landscape with snow-covered pine trees is truly unique. Mountain Top Resort offers a winter wedding venue that allows for an outdoor ceremony, or indoors, if it gets too cold, and provides a stunning backdrop for your ceremony, photographs, and reception while creating a magical ambiance that’s hard to create any other season. 

Cozy Atmosphere

Summer weddings are filled with bright lights, wildflowers, and beautiful, warm sunsets most days. However, winter weddings offer an atmosphere that’s hard to replicate. Between crackling fireplaces, hot cocoa at the ceremony, and blankets for your guests, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere is easy. Whether it’s keeping your loved ones warm with traditional Vermont Flannel Blankets or a winter warm-up drink, there’s something for everyone. 


Unique Décor Opportunities

While wedding themes and trends come and go, one thing is for certain: winter wedding décor never goes out of style. Rustic elements are easy to incorporate, like pine cones, evergreen, traditional red berries, and burgundy florals, the possibilities are endless. Candlelit tables with simple greenery can go a long way without bold color. 

The colder season allows you to experiment with textures and colors that can add a touch of elegance to your wedding aesthetic, without putting in tons of work. It’s a win-win in a lot of cases!

sweetheart table at wedding featuring gauze drapery and greenery with candles

Budget-Friendly Options

As you continue your wedding venue search, you may start to find that winter dates offer more budget-friendly options, compared to peak wedding season, which usually runs from May through October. Many venues, and even some wedding vendors, offer off-season discounts, allowing you to allocate your budget strategically. You may find you have budget leftover, so you can splurge on more florals, different linens, or even stow away for your honeymoon fund! 

Creating a Memorable Experience

With so much to do in the summer months, it may seem that holding your special day in the warmth may be the right choice. But, there’s so much to do in the winter – especially in the heart of New England. Winter months offer the chance for a unique experience that is truly memorable for everyone. 

From sipping hot cocoa at your ceremony, to sleigh rides and skiing together, your guests will be entertained from start to finish. Not only will you create lasting memories for you and your significant other on your special day, but it will be a day for everyone to remember. 

bride and groom in front of horse drawn sleigh in winter.


Choosing a wedding date can be a tough decision. Winter weddings in Vermont are not for the faint of heart but promise a unique and enchanting experience for both you and your guests. From snow-covered landscapes to the intimate atmosphere, a winter wedding is an opportunity to embrace the magic of the season and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

By MTR Member, Jade Miller

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