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November 9, 2023

A 12 Month Wedding Planning Guide | Part Two

You’ve gotten through the first few months of wedding planning at this point, and the stress is finally kicking into full gear! As we enter into six months out, here are a few more tips and tricks to keep you calm as you head into your wedding day. 

8 Months in Advance

At this point in time, sending out your save-the-date cards should be top of mind, along with securing those last vendors. This will give you time to save and budget for their final deposits as your wedding date gets closer!

If you are planning on wearing a dress or a tuxedo, or some other attire, it’s important to do your first fitting around then. This will ensure ample time for a seamstress or similar vendor to make any alterations that need to happen, and allow for a second fitting. 

Accessories such as wedding rings, jewelry, shoes, and wedding party gifts should begin being brainstormed as you may want to start purchasing these items (if you plan on it) around now. 

6 Months in Advance

This is a good time to attend a tasting if you haven’t already done so with your caterer. It is also the time to send out formal invitations – we recommend including the menu selections on these RSVP’s so you have a clearer head count of food and the menu items well in advance. 

Often, this is when 50% deposits are due for venues, and some vendors. Keep this in mind when planning your budget!

2 Months in Advance

Around the two-month mark, finalizing your wedding timeline, along with stationary, linens, and desserts should be top of mind. It’s also a great time to start scheduling those last-minute things – such as your last hair appointment, and other appointments that may pertain to your big day. This can include a facial, nails, and even a spray tan! These should be scheduled for the week of your wedding so you can look your best. 

This is also the time to attend a final hair and makeup trial if needed, and attend your final dress fitting. It’s also a great time to confirm with your wedding party that all attire for your big day has been ordered. 

Your wedding license should also be applied for at this time. This process can take up to 6 weeks, so it’s best to give yourself a little bit of leeway. 

1 Month in Advance

At the one-month mark, this is where a lot of those final counts will take place. You’ll finalize your guest count, entree counts, floor plan, and seats per table, you get the idea. It’s also a good time to meet with either the venue coordinator or your outside planner to discuss the timing for your events, ranging from the getting ready time, to a first look, to cocktail hour. 

This is also a great time to send a must-shoot list to your photographer or videographer. You’d hate to get back photos that may not fit your vision, so a list will ensure that certain photos – or videos – get taken to support your perfect day. 

Another confirmation that needs to take place is florals and rentals. This gives your florist enough time to order and prepare your arrangements, no matter how big or small they may be, and allows for substitutions if they are needed. This doesn’t happen often, but you’d hate for it to ruin your day! 

Lastly, get all your payments for your vendors ready to go on the day of. Often, the last payments will happen on the day of your event or the day after. Being prepared for this day can help alleviate any issues that may arise with payments. 

The Day Before!

Just like that, we’ve made it to the day before your wedding! It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly here, and it is the perfect time for relaxation. There are a few small things to take care of that will lead you to a stress-free day. 

First, pick up your wedding license, if you haven’t already. If you plan on getting married on a weekend, it’s best to get this done a few days before as Town Halls may be closed. You already applied for the license at the two-month mark, so we should be good to go!

The day before is also the perfect time to iron out those last details with a wedding coordinator. At Mountain Top Resort, this would be your dedicated coordinator to help hand off personal decor, along with welcome gifts, and timing (again, just to be sure!). 

You’ll also have your ceremony rehearsal with your loved ones, and then a rehearsal dinner or welcome party if you so choose. 


After that, it’s just the big day left! You’ll get your hair and makeup done (if you’d like makeup!), get dressed, and start the photography process through to the ceremony and reception. The important thing to remember is to have fun with it! Everyone who has gathered is here for you – loved ones, family, and friends; make sure you carve out time to appreciate those that surround you – both people and your location! 

Whether you’re getting married in the snowiest of winters or the heat of July, planning your wedding can seem overwhelming, as well as time-consuming. Through our 12-month planning guide, you’ll be able to keep track of payments, and remember the small things we often are doomed to forget, while still having fun with it. 

By MTR Member, Jade Miller

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