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January 18, 2022

Take a Trip Back in Time this August with Outdoor Cinema

Ah, the lazy days of late summer. They might just be the best part of the season. August is always tinged with a little nostalgia; summer is nearly over, and the evenings let you know that fall is just a breath away. They call to mind all the summers of yesterday—the places we went, the people we met, the things we did.

One of the most iconic images of summers past is the drive-in movie. Which of us doesn’t remember family evenings at the drive-in with a picnic supper? Or seeing how many friends we can pile into the car—maybe even sneaking a crazy friend through admission in the trunk? Drive-ins were one of the best parts of summer. But drive-ins, like so many other things, are a dying breed in the digital age. As of last year, there were fewer than 350 left in the whole country.

There’s hope, though, for drive-in lovers. Outdoor cinema is making a comeback, and it might be even better than the old drive-in model. The same technology that’s dealt a death blow to the drive-in has created a new kind of outdoor film—the pop-up cinema. Pop-up cinemas are…well, popping up…all over the place. Mobile screens and projection equipment can turn virtually any place into a movie theater—which means we can have outdoor movies nearly anywhere, not just at the drive-in. People all over are using this technology to turn film into a communal experience, screening everything from classics like Casablanca to cult favorites like Little House of Horrors in outdoor public spaces. And that’s pretty amazing.

This August, we’re having our own bout of nostalgia. We’re partnering with Nomad Cinema to bring the drive-in experience to our own lovely beach. If you’ve never experienced outdoor cinema, or you think wistfully of summer’s past and the good old days of going to the drive-in, this is an event not to be missed. Pack up your beach blanket, round up your friends, and join us for a movie on the beach. You won’t even have to sneak anyone through in the trunk.

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