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January 18, 2022

Escape the City for a Quiet Horseback Ride

No matter where you live, everyone dreams of escaping the demands of home for unique experiences and fun times. One activity that is often overlooked, but offers just as much fun and reward, is horseback riding in Vermont. Its rolling green hills and blue mountain lakes offer spectacular views and peaceful adventures.

You and your family may already know the adventures the Vermont hills have to offer. You may already have a favorite campground or trail. But what if you could go further and see views that very few people see– views that come miles away from the parking lot? What if you could spend only a couple of hours to reach uninhabited territory, hear the natural calls of nature, and see wildlife you’ve never seen? This is what horseback riding in Vermont offers.

Vermont offers places such as the Green Mountain National Forest– a place with rolling green hills, forested mountains, blue mountain lakes, and trickling creek beds. The forest service maintains a number of trails that can be accessed by horseback riders. Some of these trails allow no motorized vehicles, maintaining the ambiance of the wilderness. These trails extend for miles into the forest land, around rolling green pastures, border mountain lakes, and cross creek beds. On some trails you can see remnants of history. You may see an old mill-dam and lodge, or even ride on an old wagon trail. Most trails are around two miles long and can be ridden by even the newest of horseback riders.

If you are not a horseman, horseback riding probably never crosses your mind. You don’t own a horse, and you certainly wouldn’t feel safe handling a horse. But what if you could put your fears aside and go anyway? If you are a horseman, you probably don’t think of horse riding adventures as vacations. Feeding and caring for your horse while you are away from home can turn into a lot of work. But what if you can board your horse while you are there and allow someone else to do the work?

Whatever your situation, Vermont has a variety of resorts that will accommodate you. You can choose to ride within the confines of green pastures or arenas, or on the expansive trails of the national forest.

One such place is the Mountain Top Inn and Resort, which is surrounded by thousands of acres of Vermont forest land and overlooks a beautiful mountain lake. It offers a variety of activities to accommodate your riding style, from instructional clinics and horse boarding to private lessons and guided trail rides. For those who want to do more than ride horseback, this resort also offers other fun activities such as boating, fishing, clay shooting, volleyball, and yoga.

Whether are an experienced horseman or not, escape the busy life with your family to enjoy the quiet wooded trails and serene mountain pastures of Vermont. You and your family are guaranteed to create unforgettable memories!

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