Calendar of Events

The Mountain Top Inn & Resort offers a variety of events throughout the year: traditional holiday celebrations, charity events, xc ski competitions, equestrian events and more. The following list shows our updated selection of fun things to do. Please check back frequently or contact our Resort staff at 802.483.2311 for additional details.


December 18, 2014
Big Little Holiday Party

Having a SMALL office team doesn't mean you can't have a BIG holiday party. The Mountain Top Inn & Resort's  'Big Little Holiday Party' is a unique option for businesses looking for a change from the traditional holiday gathering.  [ Learn more ]


Tenth Annual Paintball Biathlon

Our Tenth Annual Paintball Biathlon at the Mountain Top Inn & Resort Nordic Ski & Snowshoe Center will be held in 2015. Watch for details and date.


March 6-8, 2015
Bill Koch League Festival

We are pleased to announce that The Mountain Top Inn and Resort has been selected to host the 2015 BKL Festival. We have lots of Vermont treats in store for the particpants and their families.  [ more ]